Posted by Joel Low on 1 September 2013 | 0 Comments

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This is not CS3210.

But we had to submit two things this week: the mid-assignment write-up for our Facebook application, as well as a deck of slides for our seminar tomorrow (GASP!)

Doing both were hard. We were all busy people, finding time together to actually work on the assignment proved difficult. Honestly, we were still fixing stuff just before CS3216 lecture last week. We tried our best, and I guess we delivered something. It could be better, but I'm not asking for more at this point, given what we had.

Working on the seminar proved even more difficult. We had a multidisciplinary team, and that meant that the direction which we took for the seminar is completely not what I'd expected. I give technical seminars, being paired up with Business school students meant that I had to look at things differently (not to mention I learnt that they are extremely adept at coming up with presentations!) It's something I look forward to doing in future, but perhaps under a little less pressure :)