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I'll leave it to the reader to go figure out what the stereotypical Growth Hack is. I'm trying hard not to (ab)use the term, so in my title, it's been in quotes.

Immediate thoughts

It all seems pretty duh. Like, "why didn't I think of that?" duh. But we don't ever think and we almost never bother working on it. Even as an introverted software engineer who trembles at the sight of people, I'm saying this. So why are we not practicing it? I will attempt to give a few reasons.

1. Effort(lessness)

People are lazy. We don't like to do whatever requires effort on our part. Bjorn shared some really nice points, and proved that they worked really well for him. But most (ordinary?) people might not put in that much effort into trying to get in touch with people. Obviously, to their detriment. In my case, it really takes a lot of courage and effort to speak to total strangers. It almost paralyses.

2. Inhibitions

Apart from the fact that some of things which Bjorn does (in my mind) seems borderline unethical (note I used unethical -- not illegal!), I wonder what means we are all willing to take to game people's notions and thoughts to get what we want. It seems as though he's promoting a "go do it anyway" attitude; which might not be bad, but my conscience tugs at me.

3. No way, bro

It seems too surreal. Really. The kinds of growth which Bjorn achieves seem like no mere mortal could achieve. Having said that, it is true that we restrict our own horizons to be secure.

To do, or to not do?

I think talking to users is important. Colin, Jon, Bjorn all attest to that (Colin especially, his endless repetitions seem to be starting to make a dent!) And while Bjorn presents a tested approach to growing your reach, it's not something I imagine I can do right here, right now. No, I lack his tenacity and guts to do it.

But it definitely would take me out of where I am -- definitely needing to know your target audience, to continually engage them (Bjorn gave a few tips, which I thought were pretty nice) and make your product grow around them. Seems trivial, but we lose sight of it all the time.