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So the first week of school just flew by. What happened to it?

  1. CS3216 is an awesome module to pick
  2. CS1101S is an awesome module to teach
  3. CVWO is a lot of work even when it appears like things are done. I've had to make 2 site visits and effectively burnt 2 days working on it. I need to wrap it up. Now. It kinda stole me from my CS3216 commitments, and I hope my team is accomodating enough...

They all demand an insane amount of time from me. I feel completely exhausted, and it's just week 1!

Pacing is important, and a skill I need to pick up. Now. I've only so many hours a week to get stuff done, and it's important to utilise every bit of time to the maximum possible.

On Finding a Team

So I've never been a people person. I've always found it tiring to be among a group of people. I guess, software engineering is not possible alone, so it also had better be a skill I quickly pick up. This time, I was approached to join a team, next time, I won't be so lucky.

I think for the Facebook project we've got a dynamic team going, each bringing his different strengths: Fuzzie, Jerome and Vishnu all seem very experienced. Hopefully this goes well, fingers crossed. The main disadvantage of that is that we all want to get too many things done, so it's hard to find time to discuss. We probably have to find some other means of collaborating, that can work around our schedules.

Looking ahead

This isn't as long a post as I wanted because, well, I'm behind all my assignments (already!) Hopefully this week I can defer some less important (even if urgent!) work to later. I think I need to make the distinction clear between urgency and importance: It's too blur a line for me. Yet, to do that effectively, I need to have the ability to manage the people who demand so much from me. Stuff I still need to build on, I guess.