Week 2, Enter Crowdbuy

Posted by Joel Low on 25 August 2013 | 1 Comments
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So the joke was on us when StartSSL refused to issue us a certificate to use with HTTPS. They cited "commercial intent." Not that it's completely false, but, we do just want to bootstrap the whole thing so we can test it together with Facebook over Secure HTTP.

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Installing SilverStripe

Posted by Joel Low on 10 August 2013 | 1 Comments
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or, how I hate PHP CMSes. I'll skip the introductions and head straight down to business. Some of you might know, I've been working with PHP for almost a decade now, and I've seen good code, bad code, and... non-code. The last few months I've been working on CVWO, and for that we've been using Drupal 7. Drupal's a mess: note to self -- don't ever use it again.

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