Posted by Joel Low on 10 August 2013 | 1 Comments

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or, how I hate PHP CMSes. I'll skip the introductions and head straight down to business. Some of you might know, I've been working with PHP for almost a decade now, and I've seen good code, bad code, and... non-code. The last few months I've been working on CVWO, and for that we've been using Drupal 7. Drupal's a mess: note to self -- don't ever use it again.

So here I am, with a sparkly new SilverStripe install. I've wanted to give this a go for a long time now, and since we need to get a blog up and running for CS3216, I might as well try. I've no clue about the maintainability of the source base, not sure how tightly built it is, but it certainly looks polished. Let's hope the source base is equally so.

So there goes my plan of writing my own blog...