Hello. I mess tinker with things.

There's so much that goes into that statement. I've been building apps for a while now, ranging from stuff other geeks use, facilitating the paranoid, and even helping the part of society that gets insufficient attention. This is probably due to the fact that I see things in front of me, and the instinct is, how can we do better? There's always room for improvement.

I'm currently at my fourth year of study at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore, hopefully after a while I'll walk out of there with something tangible, if you get my drift. Over there, I'm a teaching assistant with A/Prof Martin Henz for the introductory module CS1101S: Programming Methodology. No, I did not just troll you -- we are teaching students the skill of problem solving, while playing an extended game!

When time permits, I do other crazy stuff, like hacking the Linux kernel for my phone (currently, a HTC One X -- it's a beast needing taming, I tell you). To date I've rewritten the Tegra cluster switching/CPU hotplugging algorithm and also implemented a new cpufreq governor which is SMP-aware (to better adapt to the nature of the Tegra 3 platform) together with my friend Angelo.